HLA-G 2019

Dear Colleagues and Friends,


Welcome to Paris where once again for the eighth time since 1998 I organize this international conference dedicated to our research on the HLA-G molecule. I notice with great pleasure that new teams around the world join us to contribute to the progress of our work.

Over the last seventeen years we have come a long way from feto-maternal tolerance to oncology, transplantation, autoimmunity and infectious diseases. The HLA-G molecule is today considered a major immune checkpoint in the anti-tumor immune response. Its role in malignant tumors has been widely developed by different teams, over 6000 patients have been studied worldwide and HLA-G expression is correlated to advanced disease stage or poor prognosis.

We did a great job; we still have much to do but the results are very promising, especially in human clinical application.

 I wish you all a very pleasant and fruitful stay in Paris.